"She wakes up early every morning just to do her hair, now.
Because she cares, y'all."
Gypsy Woman - Crystal Waters

"Beauty will save the world." Fedor Dostoevsky

Welcome to Tent City Barbers!

Tent City Barbers is a non-profit dedicated to providing free haircuts and other hair services to displaced people living in tent cities, encampments, and shelters in the San Francisco Bay Area. We aim to provide high quality professional services in the field and in shelters.

Tent City Barbers Foci

  • To give high quality haircuts to displaced or unhomed people in the SF Bay Area
  • To use only the best salon quality products.
  • To treat all clients with respect without offering advice or condescension.
  • To give an efficient salon experience and have fun.

    Our 501c3 status is now APPROVED with the IRS as of December 25th, 2021!

    In addition to our website, you may find see Tent City Barbers makeovers on our Instagram page at the following link Tent City Barbers .